Storage Endura+Compactor



As space is the costliest asset for an office, it is inevitable to devise modern space-saving systems, which can be used for years. The design has to be user-friendly, sturdy and safe.

Endura+ Compactors allow you to maximize utilization of your precious space. These compactors are built for long-lasting usage with the best quality materials and finishes. The sturdy self-supporting design eliminates grouting and prevents floor damage & it has a noiseless pulley-belt drive mechanism.

Usage Areas –

  • Banks: Storing records and other documents.

  • Educational Institutes: Student Details

  • Hospitals: Keeping Patient Files/Records

  • Govt. Offices: File storage

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  • ails make the system rust-proof against water contact.
  • The tracks enable easy & smoother movement of the body over the rails.
  • The Self-Suspended Structure makes the installation drill-free i.e. no grouting.
  • Platform available between the bays provides the user with a hindrance-free walking passage while accessing the compactor.
  • A sloping ramp on the sides enables the user to get a trolley inside to carry files
  • Ergonomically designed handle with inbuilt lock facility.
  • Adjustable shelf for various shelf heights as per requirement.
  • Comes with the central and individual locking facility on the rotating wheel.
  • Scalability – Bays can be added Depth wise and width wise as per requirement
  • Powder Coating – Thickness of 60-80 Microns
  • Load Carrying Capacity – 80 Kgs UDL


Dimensions – Compacta Height from ground is 2087 mm (1970 body + 66 mm undercarriage + 51 mm Track ). Width of each bay will be 900 mm Depth of each bay will be 450 mm

Construction – Complete construction of system is on knock down design for easy handling of material on site System is designed with 2 parallel MS box pipe powder coated tracks . Over which a prefabricated MS Frame of 1.6 mm thick rectangular bearing trolley rolls . Storage Rack in CRC Sheet is then assembelled on the rectangular trollie to make static and mobile bays . Body/Rack units are bolted to undercarriage.

Scalability – Bays can be added Depth wise or width wise subsequently if the need for additional filing is there ( limited to 2 bay deep)

Number of shelves – Each unit has 5 loading levels formed by 4 nos. adjustable shelves. 412 mm depth is optimum for box file, or any other odd files too.

Shelf thickness – 0.8 mmCRCA thickness with 40 kg UDL ( Uniformally Distributed Load)

Powder coating – All metal component are given antirust surface treatment & are powder coated with epoxy polyester powder. Final finish consists of epoxy polyester powder coating with a Dry Film Thickness of minimum 60 microns. The testing of paint is done for various physical & chemical properties as per IS: 101. The material is then oven baked with a controlled temperature of 180 deg.C to 200 deg.C.

Mechanism – Pulley Belt mechanism results in noise less & Oil free operation. Hand – push model available upto 2 bay deep

Handle – Ergonomic Plastic handle with inbuilt safety lock mechanism.

Lock – Central Locking on the last unit which will lock entire assembly.