Rim locks Pentabolt Aries



 If you are looking for a powerful and safe rim lock for the home main door with an inside opening lock mechanism, you should opt for this Pentabolt Aries latch door lock from the house of Godrej. It is a highly advanced mechanical RIM door lock for home main doors. It consists of 5 strong bolts and comes with the most secure 3KS technology that has a key that is as unique as the human DNA. The lock comes with an integrated pull handle and push-button latch, making it convenient for single-hand operation. The safety catch feature eliminates the possibility of an accidental lockout. It has a unique locking indicator that shows locking status. 


  • Pentabolt Aries 1CK I/O Roman Silver 
  • Pentabolt Aries 1CK DB Roman Silver 
  • Pentabolt Aries 2C DB Roman Silver 
  • Pentabolt Aries 1CK I/O Vegas Gold 
  • Pentabolt Aries 1CK DB Vegas Gold 
  • Pentabolt Aries 2C DB Vegas Gold

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  • [Godrej Pentabolt Aries 1CK Deadbolt] 5 strong bolts: Gives the lock superior strength and security; 3KS technology: This high-end technology provides 30 trillion combinations which make the lock as unique as human DNA
  • 3KS (3 Kurve profile of key): The 3 curve system makes the key impossible to duplicate. Only Godrej has the authority and capability to duplicate
  • Aldrop: Once engaged from inside the lock does not open even with its own key, which ensures privacy; Locking indicator: The color indicator gives a visual indication of the Lock and Unlock status
  • Integrated pull handle: This eliminates the need for an additional pull handle; Warranty: 15 years from the date of manufacture
  • Installation: Free Installation available on this product at all serviceable pin-codes and limited to wooden doors/frames. Please contact for installation, repair, emergency opening, key duplication
  • Material – The tools are constructed using high-quality SS304 grade stainless steel material so that it will last for years to come
  • Multiple Applications – You need not worry about the cross-contamination brought by the door handles. Suitable for many public places such as offices, toilets, labs, kitchens, retail stores, commercial buildings, and so on