Rim locks EXS+Pentabolt


This advanced lock is designed with the superior quality interiors to provide you the best possible security for your home. Hence, if you are looking for a powerful and safe lock for your main entrance door, you should opt for this Pentabolt lock from the house of Godrej. Godrej Locks EXS+  Pentabolt 1CK (Satin Nickel) is equipped with the most advanced features, which provide you the ultimate security.


  • Pentabolt 1CK I/O Satin Nickel 
    Pentabolt 1CK DB Satin Nickel 
    Pentabolt 1CK O/O Satin Nickel 
    Pentabolt 1CK DB Antique Brass 
    Pentabolt 1CK I/O Antique Brass 
    Pentabolt 2C DB Satin Nickel 
    Pentabolt 2C DB Antique Brass

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  • Aldrop bolt for added security form inside
  • Three deadbolts with double throw feature ensures higher security ; Suitable for wooden doors that open inside only ; Solid metal body in Satin Nickel powder coated finish ; Durable: Scratch and corrosion resistant ; Tough: Resistant to force, including drilling, making it virtually impossible to pick or open, without the original key
  • Strong sheet metal body
  • Long lasting satin nickel finish
  • Aesthetically designed body with soft round edges