Rim locks EXS+ Altrix


The design of this Altrix makes it perfectly match with the stylish decoration of your home entrance door. You can also use this lock in your office. The performance of this lock is enhanced with a unique locking Indicator, a concealed screw mechanism and an aldrop bolt. This Godrej lock is equipped with the most advanced EXS+ angular pin technology. This lock provides resistance against pick, force and corrosion. It comes with a high quality nickel silver alloy key, which has an advanced design.


  • Altrix 1CK Royal Titanium
  • Altrix 1CK Deadbolt Royal Titanium 
  • Altrix 1CK Outside Opening Royal Titanium 
  • Altrix 2C Royal Titanium 
  • Altrix 2C Deadbolt Royal Titanium
  • Altrix 1CK Milano Bronze 
  • Altrix 1CK Deadbolt Milano Bronze
  • Altrix 1CK Outside Opening Milano Bronze
  • Altrix 2C Milano Bronze 
  • Altrix 2C Deadbolt Milano Bronze

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  • Aldrop Bolt – Provides privacy. Once this is turn on, lock can not be operated from outside even with key
  • EXS+ Technology – This 16 angular pin technology provides 200 cr. key combinations which makes it extremely difficult to duplicate the key
  • Bigger Keyhead: Provides better grip hence easy to operate