Product 1

Product 1

Technology that makes the security of your belongings Convenient

Autovault Automated Safe Deposit Lockers, With next generation technology lets customers access their belongings anytime, without hassles. The best in locker technology so far, Autovault has taken convenience to a level that was only possible in imagination so far!

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  • Five locker sizes available.
  • Large number of variants customized according to the available space.
  • Compatible with different types of safe deposit boxes.
  • Quick Locker retrieval.
  • Flexibility in layout to ensure customers do not face each other thereby ensuring customer privacy and security.
  • Large vaults easing customer congestion with maximum of 4 operation booths.
  • Option of changing the safe deposit locker box size after installation, ensuring zero unused lockers thereby maximising occupancy .


  • The customer uses his access card to gain entry into the locker booth
  • The customer further inserts his card in the card slot and enters his 4 digit secret pin code on the LCD panel
  • With the automated process, the customer’s respective locker comes to the table he’s sitting at in the locker booth
  • The customer uses his unique key to unlock his locker
  • When the customer is done with his transaction, he uses the key to lock it again and presses the return button on the LCD screen
  • The automated robotic process places the locker safely back to where it had been inside the vault