PPG Auto OEM Coating


The global automotive industry is being challenged to produce the best in class vehicles with lower total cost and higher performance in more countries than ever before. Choosing the right coatings supplier is crucial to balancing the needs of designing a vehicle with increased fuel economy, reduced emissions, greater durability and improved color while meeting cost and global capability targets.

PPG Asian Paints offers a portfolio of innovative technologies for all coatings on the vehicle – pretreatment, electrocoat, primer, basecoat, clearcoat, adhesives, sealants, liquid applied sound deadeners and specialty products. The products include chemistries designed for the latest in lightweight materials including carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium and mixed metal vehicles.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

Body Coatings: Pretreatment Chemicals, Cathodic Electrocoat, Primers, Solid Monocoats, Solid and Metallic BaseCoats, High Performance Clearcoats.

Plastic Coatings: Pretreatment Chemicals, Primers for TPO/PP, ABS/Nylon, 2K Solid Monocoat, 1K Basecoat, 2K Clearcoat.

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