Home Locker Presidio


Robust construction combined with an elegant exterior, Presidio is a strong safe that adds to your home interiors. The safe’s double-walled construction with its secondary re-locking mechanism offers extreme strength, whereas the adjustable shelves inside offer that much needed user convenience.

Dimensions – 608mm X 430mm X 466mmWeight – 100kg

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  • Double Walled construction
  • Armour plate in body & hardened lock plate in door protecting the lock
  • Secondary relocking device to resist any forced attempts of disengaging the lock from bolt work mechanism
  • Mechanical Key Lock
  • Attractive painted fascia
  • Adjustable shelves


  • Treme Strength – The toughest collection of home lockers is here. Built 250X stronger than regular wooden cupboards, it is capable of resisting harshest of attacks.
  • Key Lock – Secure your belongings with our Key Lock safes- which open only with a Godrej high precision 6 lever lock
  • Secondary Relocking Device – Specially designed to safeguard your valuables, this feature helps resist forced attempts of disengaging the lock from bolt work mechanism.
  • Armoured Plate – Equipped with an Armoured Plate, it’s body is sturdy and durable. This way, thieves won’t be able to reach your belongings with ease
  • Double Walled – The safe’s double-walled construction offers additional strength, thereby making it more durable. It’s safe to say that the burglars may try to break into your belongings but the locker will stand strong