Self Temperature Screening Device With Alarm Function
IQ Pec KYT (Know Your Temperature) series of products are developed for ‘Touch Free’ self measurement of temperature. A non-contact self-temperature screening and alarm system, the temperature scanner is equipped with best IR sensor with measurement distance of up to 3cm, ± 0.30C accuracy and 2 line seven segment display. It has a SS (Stainless Steel) enclosure in compliance with Pharma / Medical / Healthcare GMP guidelines.
Precision Human Temperature Screening
As per MHA-GOI guidelines, employees and visitors need to be prompted to get their temperature screening done at Entry/Exit points. This is applicable for corporate workplaces, factories, Govt. offices, residential societies, etc.
Audio/Visual alarm will alert supervisors for immediate attention and action. Being a self service temperature screening device, this avoids employing dedicated resource to screen all incoming employees and visitors. In offices, temperature screening can be conducted twice a day. This will effectively help in screening users and confirming stabilized temperatures.

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Advanced Medical Accuracy Precision IR Sensor technology with 0.30C accuracy. Digital semiconductor sensorwith one-time factory calibration for lifetime.
Precision IR Sensor with accuracy assured by NABL accredited lab.
2 Line Seven Segment Display for Temperature Reading shows wrist temperature of person in celsius & fahrenheit.


  • Model – IQ Pec KYT
  • Temperature Sensor – Non Touch IR Sensor
  • Measurement Range – 32°C – 42°C (Human Body Temperature Range)
  • Measurement Accuracy – ± 0.3°C
  • Display Type – 2 Line Seven Segment Display for Temperature Reading
  • Green Lamp – Indication for normal temperature status of the person
  • Red Lamp – Indication for showing abnormal temperature status of the person. (For abnormal High and Low temperature)
  • Alarm Output – Potential free alarm output for connecting internal 85DB Sounder
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 140 x 35 x 140 mm
  • Enclosure – Metal
  • Power Supply – 12 DC, 1A Power Supply