Godrej Burglary Resistance Vault Accessories



Exhaust Fan, Air Ventilator and Cage, Twisted Steel Strips, Comfy Settee, Movable Step Ladder & Inspection Table vault accessories to ensure security and convenience of access.

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Exhaust Fan

  • Dynamically balanced blades for even load on bearings, thereby extending fan life
  • Polyurethane coating enables the fans to resist corrosion against chemically charged atmosphere and saturated humid conditions
  • 100% waterproof and 100% dust-proof, the fans are manufactured with special constructions to meet IP: 55 degree of protection as per IS: 4691/1968 for outdoor applications and dusty environment
  • Conforms to IS specification 2312-1967
  • Motors with class B insulation to ensure operation at a high temperature

V- Cage

  • To reduce the risk of any accidents from the high speed fan, V-Cage is the protective case which encloses the exhaust fan
  • On the sides, the cage is enclosed with wire mesh, which prevents the direct access of air to the exhaust fan. Thus preventing any unwanted material to the fan and jam it.
  • It also protects the fan from humidity, fire & dust

Air Ventilator and Cage

  • Has two plates of 571mm sq each, one on the outside and one on the inside
  • The outer plate is a composite of 10mm MS plate, 5mm Aluminum plate and 5mm MS plate; while the inner plate is a 10mm MS plate
  • Both plates have 71 holes of 20mm diameter
  • Provision for fixing suitable exhaust fan on both sides of the ventilator
  • Collapsible type ventilator to suit any wall thickness between 300mm to 460mm
  • Two staggered 5mm thick baffle plates in between to obstruct direct access from outside

Twisted Steel Strips (Tang Bars)

  • 1830 mm x 227 mm x 3.15 mm thick MS Strips
  • Essentially to be used in twisted condition in 2 Rows in ‘A’ Class Currency Chests (as per RBI Classification)
  • Twisting to be done at site using Special Godrej twisting Machine
  • Normally 6.5 Nos. of Tang bars / M2 used up when laid in double rows

Comfy Settee, Movable Step Ladder & Inspection table

  • A comfy Settee with two height adjustments & Movable Step Ladder to access lockers at any height, conveniently
  • An Inspection Table for customers to lay out, inspect and select their valuables with ease


  • Banks, Private Safe Deposit Vaults, Post Offices and Jewellers.