Duroflex Liveln Orthopedic Memory



As India’s number orthopedic bed-in-a-box recommended by doctors, LiveIn Duropedic is an advanced back support mattress that promises you a healthy and restful sleep. This ortho mattress is designed to encourage spinal alignment and postural correction through innovative engineering and thoughtful construction. This Duroflex roll packed mattress features our doctor recommended 5-zoned orthopedic layer to lend enhanced support to your back, neck and spine. This mattress comes with our special Triple Anti Microbial Fabric to keep you protected and your bed space safe and hygienic. The signature Art Deco pattern of the luxury knitted fabric enveloping this mattress will elevate the style quotient of your bedroom.

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Range Duropedic
Firmness Firm
Mattress Type Orthopedic, Bed in a Box , Memory Foam
Weight 23 Kg
Fabric Type Luxurious knitted with Triple Anti Microbial Fabric finish
Best Suited For People looking for a genuine orthopedic support memory foam mattress that is easy to install and is packed with a premium luxurious feel
Body Support Yes
Orthopaedic Certification Yes
Sleeping Position All
Zero Partner Disturbance No
3 Zoned Body Support Yes
5 Zoned Body Support Yes
Pressure Relief Yes
Dual Side Usage No
Ventilation Yes
Anti-Sagging Yes


DIY Unboxing:-

Comes as a bed-in-a-box for a quick and hassle-free setup. Just unroll, slice out the covering and your mattress will breathe back to life.

Triple Anti Microbial Treatment:-

An exclusive fabric technology that shields the mattress from fungi, dust mites, and harmful bacteria, keeping it fresh and hygienic for longer.

Recommended by Doctors:-

Tested & recommended by the doctors at National Health Academy for its orthopedic support and many healthy benefits.

5-Zoned Orthopedic Support:-

Recommended by doctors at the National Health Academy to give you the most advanced back support and spine alignment by extending personalized support to each of the five zones of your body as per their need.


  • A night of sound sleep has many proven health benefits. Our LiveIn Duropedic mattress is designed to deliver just that and much more.
  • The mattress has literally got your back with its advanced back support that is also recommended and trusted by doctors at the National Health Academy.
  • It helps your spine rest in a neutral position which in return helps combat back problems and make way for a more enriching sleep experience.
  • LiveIn Duropedic comes with a promise of a safe and healthy sleep as it keeps harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites away from the mattress, courtesy the Triple Anti Microbial Fabric.
  • The memory foam mattress offers contoured body support to help your body rest while maintaining proper alignment and an optimum posture.
  • The pressure relieving property helps in enhanced blood circulation and muscle relaxation for a deep and enriching sleep experience.


A roll pack mattress is easy and hassle free to set up. This makes LiveIn Duropedic the best memory foam mattress in box that is also excellent for the back and spine due to its 5 zoned orthopedic support layer. Thoughtfully innovated to achieve balance, our 5 zoned orthopedic support layer is designed to work in harmony with your neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and feet. The layer adjusts to the different weights of the five zones of your body and contours to your natural shape, helping you rest in a neutral position for a deep sleep experience. This makes this doctor recommended mattress the best orthopedic mattress for back pain.



  • Single Size Available.
  • Double Size Available.
  • Queen Size Available.
  • King Size Available.
  • Customize Size Available


  • KEEP IT PROTECTED:- To protect your mattress from dust, spillage and allergens always keep it covered. Best to use a mattress protector.
  • DON’T FOLD YOUR MATTRESS:- Doing so may damage the construction of the mattress.
  • DON’T FLIP OR TURN YOUR MATTRESS:- Do not flip or turn your mattress unless specified so.
  • DON’T SMOKE IN BED:- It is advisable not to smoke in bed as it is a potential fire hazard.
  • DON’T IRON ON THE MATTRESS:- This can cause serious damage to the outer fabric or the foam inside the mattress and is also a potential fire hazard.
  • DEEP CLEAN YOUR MATTRESS:- To have your mattress stay fresh and hygienic it is best to get professional deep cleaning done bi-annually.
  • AVOID LIQUID SPILLS:- Moisture can harm your mattress. It is best to use a waterproof mattress protector to combat this problem.