Duroflex Liveln Memory



Designed for an enriching deep sleep experience, our LiveIn bed-in-a-box is the foundation for great sleep with its expert construction and premium feel. It is a memory foam mattress with a medium-firm comfort level which means it is a safe choice for most types of sleepers. It not only supports your back but also provides light cushioning, allowing you to experience an optimum amount of comfort.Featuring high-performance memory foam along with a high resilience foam layer as the comfort layer, this bed-in-a-box mattress packs in contouring comfort, superior support, the right amount of bounce and pressure relief for a wholesome sleep. The mattress features our exclusive Triple Anti Microbial Treatment that helps keep harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites at bay for a safer and healthier sleep environment. 

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Range Essential
Firmness Medium Firm
Mattress Type Bed in a Box, Memory Foam
Weight 23 Kg
Fabric Type Luxurious knitted Triple Anti-Microbial Fabric
Best Suited For People looking for an affordable, equally durable and comfortable memory foam mattress that is easy to install and is packed with a premium luxurious feel.
Body Support Yes
Orthopaedic Certification No
Zero Partner Disturbance No
3 Zoned Body Support No
5 Zoned Body Support No
Pressure Relief Yes
Dual Side Usage No
Ventilation Yes
Anti-Sagging Yes


DIY Unboxing:-

Comes as a bed-in-a-box for a quick and hassle-free setup. Just unroll, slice out the covering and your mattress will breathe back to life.

Triple Anti Microbial Treatment:-

An exclusive fabric technology that shields the mattress from fungi, dust mites, and harmful bacteria, keeping it fresh and hygienic for longer.

Memory Foam:-

Experience advanced pressure relief along with unmatchable plush comfort for a refreshingly restful sleep.

Contoured Body Support:-

The adaptive foam layers naturally mold to the shape of your body, lending personalized support to your back and spine as you sleep.


A night of sound sleep has many proven health benefits. Our LiveIn mattress is designed to deliver just that & much more

  • LiveIn comes with a promise of a safe and healthy sleep as it keeps harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites away from the mattress courtesy the Triple Anti Microbial Fabric.
  • The memory foam mattress offers contoured body support to help your body rest while maintaining proper body alignment and an optimum posture
  • The pressure relieving property helps in keeping any kind of bedsores away



  • Single Size Available.
  • Double Size Available.
  • Queen Size Available.
  • King Size Available.
  • Customize Size Available


  • KEEP IT PROTECTED:- To protect your mattress from dust, spillage and allergens always keep it covered. Best to use a mattress protector.
  • DON’T FOLD YOUR MATTRESS:- Doing so may damage the construction of the mattress.
  • DON’T FLIP OR TURN YOUR MATTRESS:- Do not flip or turn your mattress unless specified so.
  • DON’T SMOKE IN BED:- It is advisable not to smoke in bed as it is a potential fire hazard.
  • DON’T IRON ON THE MATTRESS:- This can cause serious damage to the outer fabric or the foam inside the mattress and is also a potential fire hazard.
  • DEEP CLEAN YOUR MATTRESS:- To have your mattress stay fresh and hygienic it is best to get professional deep cleaning done bi-annually.
  • AVOID LIQUID SPILLS:- Moisture can harm your mattress. It is best to use a waterproof mattress protector to combat this problem.