Co-Active Tryst



Tryst– It’s time for furniture that exudes confidence

Designed with collaboration and versatility in mind, Tryst offers configurations to support productivity, whatever form it takes – small, impromptu gatherings or large group meetings.

Tryst tables meet today’s needs with responsive shapes, thoughtful technology integration, and immaculate finishes. Tables are available as a smooth expanse of membrane finished MDF with wire management discreetly built into the top. The aesthetic is lean and modern, yet formal enough for board rooms.

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  • Innovative modular design with a smooth PU finish
  • All wooden look with abundant leg room
  • Horizontal wire carrier for neat under table spaces
  • Doubles as a video conferencing, training or informal areas
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and better sitting posture


Table – Available in standard modules, made of 25mm thick MDF with sleek edges finished in Membrane for better aesthetics & long lasting use

Understructure – Gable ends with PU coating on inner side, available with height adjustable levelers to take care of uneven floors.

Wire Management – PU coate wooden access flap with soft -closing wire management to take care of basic wiring requirements Standard table top height – 740mm

Advantages – Designed for Flexibility through modular Construction PVC Membrane Finish Tops for seamless surface Designer Access flaps Provision for easy wire management