AkzoNobel Auto Specialty Coatings


With a wide-ranging product portfolio, we serve a broad spectrum of industries. We’re renowned in the aviation and automotive industries for providing quality coatings using the latest technologies.

We work with collision repairers and commercial vehicle refinishers, and coat all kinds of consumer electronics from household appliances and IT equipment to mobile phones and tablets. Our focus is on:

– Ensuring our coatings meet the highest standards in new substrates/composites and design

– Developing coatings of the future that will support innovations in radar and connectivity technology, such as advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and 5G

– Color accuracy, tools and design expertise, aligned with ever-changing color trends

– Leading the way in technical support and service

– Low-bake technology offering multi-drying opportunities and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) solutions

– Meeting the sustainability agenda and legislation relating to water-based, chrome-free VOCs

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