Advantis – Cabinet Lock


Godrej has to ensure high degree of innovations, inventions, and implementation of latest technology and set benchmark in Indian lock industry by delivering world class locking solutions. Keeping the technological need of Indian consumers in mind, we’ve introduced a fully equipped digital cabinet locking solution. Now keep your belongings safe in wardrobes, cupboards and cabinets, with highly advanced Digital Cabinet lock.


  • Advantis – Cabinet Lock

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  • Access Mode: 4-9 digit password for enhanced password strength, Registers up to 14 unique passwords.
  • 4AA Alkaline Battery needed and In case of low battery, a beep sound will alert you in advance thereby reminding the user to change the battery before it gets completely drained out.
  • Battery not included in pack
  • Auto and Manual Locking mechanism: The bolt can be engaged through either automatic setting or by type in your password.
  • Break in damage alarm: An alarm goes off if there is an attempt of tampering with the latch bolt.
  • OTP Password: One time access can be provided to guests in your absence, without revealing your usual password.
  • Secure Mode: An alarm goes off in case the password in entered incorrectly 3 times in a row to alert the owner from unauthorized access.